GU Swinger is Stewart Thomson's boutique global economy markets newsletter.

The focus is on short term technical action in major global markets like stocks indexes, bonds, and currencies.  GDX (via NUGT/DUST), the Dow (via UDOW/SDOW), Oil (via OILU AND OILD), and now FOREX are our most popular assets for trading.

Minor market trends tend to last 1 to 3 weeks in time, against the background of longer term intermediate and major trends.

Stewart sends out a daily email to subscribers, highlighting major markets that appear poised to begin, continue, or end these minor trends.

The focus is triple leveraged ETFs. These ETFs have tremendous slippage if used as longer term investment vehicles, but almost none with the GU Swinger short term trades.

Traders who want even more action buy options on these triple-levered power packs!

Regardless, no financial advice is offered to any subscriber, and the emails and website are for information purposes only.


Stewart Thomson